Long, cold winters can take a toll on the exterior of your business. Long-term exposure to winter salt, de-icer, shovels, snow plows, and cold temperatures can speed up the wear and tear of concrete and asphalt. You must maintain your business exterior throughout the year to avoid costly repairs, public safety hazards, and city fines. Clean Green Solutions provides professional exterior pressure washing for commercial building exteriors, sidewalks, walkways, awnings, parking lots, and underground parkades. Find out how exterior pressure washing can help your business this spring!

Bring Back Curb Appeal

Dirt and grime leftover from winter can make a business look neglected. The brighter days make exterior imperfections more noticeable. Spring is the perfect time to schedule exterior pressure washing, as the weather and temperatures are moderate. Curb appeal is important for attracting new customers, standing out, and creating a consistent brand image. Exterior pressure washing improves curb appeal by eliminating grime, debris and stains.

Get Rid of Winter Salt

Pressure washing post-winter can save a business thousands of dollars on asphalt maintenance. Winter salt is essential for keeping sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, and building entrances safe, but can cause significant damage to concrete and asphalt due to high acidity. Exterior pressure washing removes excess winter salt and prevents it from causing corrosion. The sodium chloride present in winter salt is highly toxic to animals. Exterior building cleaning is especially crucial for businesses that are pet-friendly.

Maintain Workplace Safety

Safety should be prioritized, even if your business isn’t open to the public. Grime on sidewalks and walkways can make concrete and asphalt surfaces slick. Exterior pressure washing enhances grip. Winter salt and de-icer frequently cause concrete and asphalt to crack or chip, which leads to uneven surfaces. Commercial pressure washing after a long winter gets rid of any leftover winter salt and minimizes cracks.

Get in the Habit of Preventative Cleaning

Every season has unique cleaning requirements; however, routine cleaning and upkeep can help keep your business professional and safe. Preventative cleaning is the best thing you can do to maintain your business exterior. Good cleaning habits reduce damage and prevent costly repairs. 

Professional, Friendly, and Reliable Commercial Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

With the help of Clean Green Solutions, trust that your business is maintained to the highest standard. They use green-certified commercial pressure washing solutions to get the job done without harming the environment. Clean Green Solutions offers one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual pressure washing services to meet your business needs. The best part is, they tailor their eco-friendly cleaning solutions to your specific business. Get professional, friendly, and reliable commercial cleaning with Clean Green Solutions. Skip the headache and stress of interviewing Commercial Cleaners. Choose Clean Green Solutions for all of your business cleaning needs. Contact their Vancouver team at (604) 644-8540 to schedule a free in-person quote at your office or commercial space.