An office entryway is the busiest area in a commercial space, making cleanliness, health, and safety essential. Slips, trips, and falls are one of the most common workplace injuries. During the fall and winter, it is important to pay extra attention to office floors. Avoid potential accidents by maintaining your office entryway to the highest standard.

Use Floor Mats & Area Rugs

Floor mats prevent dirt from being brought indoors and help absorb moisture. Hard surface floors such as hardwood, linoleum, ceramic tiles, or laminate can be slick when wet or covered in dust. Placing mats in entryways, hallways, and other heavily trafficked areas protect commercial floors from potential damage and reduces the chance of injury.

Runner area rugs are the perfect addition in hallways or corridors. They create a more inviting space, assist with noise reduction, and protect floors from everyday wear and tear.

Dust Often

Dust is not easily visible to the human eye on certain floor surfaces. A build-up increases slickness, making slips, trips, and falls more likely to occur. Light-coloured floors easily hide dust and should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure cleanliness and reduce accidents. Routine dusting is also beneficial for decreasing chronic illness and allergies and improving focus.

Polish & Wax Floors

Floor stripping and waxing is necessary for solid floors such as vinyl, tile, and laminate. It revives dull office floors, protects and seals floors from water damage, chips, and scuffs, and creates better grip. Keep your businesses floors in optimal condition by polishing and waxing every six months.

Reduce High Touch Points

Illness may not seem like a safety hazard, however, it can take out an entire office in a single wave. Cold and flu season are some of the worst months for busy offices and can lead to increased sick days and paid time off. Decrease illness by focusing on high touch points and hire professional office cleaners for office disinfection services.

Keep Clutter to A Minimum

Due to the large amount of traffic in office entryways, it is key to keep clutter to a minimum. This includes areas in front of doors, hallways, and other major walkways. Pay extra attention to electrical cords, furniture legs, unsecured area rugs or mats, and stacked items. It is best practice to put away items after use to ensure a clean, clutter-free working environment.

Clean Office Upholstery

Office chairs, couches, and other loungers are bacteria and germ hotspots. Mould, mildew, pet dander, allergens, and viruses thrive in office upholstery and are a leading cause of illness and allergies. Vacuuming, deodorizing, and upholstery steam cleaning are some of the best methods for removing musty odours, eliminating hard-to-remove stains, and refreshing office upholstery. To establish a healthy Vancouver office, upholstery cleaning should be completed every 6-12 months.

Best Office Cleaners in Vancouver

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