First impressions are everything. They affect incoming business, on-boarding of new employees, and create an overall perception of a business. Because customers associate cleanliness with the level of service, it is important to keep a presentable office space to avoid negative first impressions. Nothing can change a dirty surrounding, not even friendly front desk staff. Here’s how office cleaning services affect customer experience.




A cluttered, unorganized office space says a lot about a business and its employees. It reflects that management neglects little details and does not prioritize their staff’s health and wellbeing. It also portrays that business is not thriving and management may be struggling to make ends meet. Employees follow direction from management. If an office has little to no cleaning standards, staff will follow suit. A dirty work environment can lead to lack of employee morale and prevent quality candidates from applying. This can negatively impact a businesses brand image.


Value of Services


The value of service of a business is often reflected by its cleanliness. According to the New York Post, it takes 7 seconds to create a first impression and 27 seconds to create a good first impression. When customers experience a positive first impression, they are more likely to consider using the business and refer them to family and friends. Have you ever been in a grocery store and bought something because you were visually attracted to a product, even though you knew nothing about the product? This is an example of smart marketing. A clean, professional office space can do the same for customers.


Repeat Customers


A negative first impression is more memorable than a positive one. When customers have a positive experience, they are more likely to return. Although new customers are essential for business growth, repeat customers are much more effective due to word of mouth. Marketing is costly and takes time, whereas cleaning has an immediate affect. A clean office space shows customers that management takes pride in their business and their work. In return, this leads to new and repeat customers.

There is no denying that a clean office makes a good impression. At Clean Green Solutions, we go above and beyond to ensure the highest cleaning standards for our clients. Our team of professional cleaners clean meticulously with attention-to-detail. As an eco-friendly cleaning company, we put the health and safety of our staff and clients at the forefront by using green cleaning products. This not only benefits human health, but also reduces the impact on the environment. Focus on growing your business and leave your Vancouver office cleaning and janitorial needs to us. Call us now to book a free estimate or visit to learn more!