If you own or run an office, you understand the importance of a clean and well maintained work space. However, with your busy schedule you might not have time to clean or oversee the cleaning of your employees’ workspace. Here are the three things you should ask before leaving your office cleaning with professionals.


How long they have been in business?  Some janitorial supplies are relatively inexpensive; most janitorial services will just purchase them and offer services to business owners without considering the importance of proper training before offering specialized services. At Clean Green Solutions, not only our staffs are highly trained with the expert cleaning skills to service commercial space but also only use environmentally-safe products to ensure health and safety of your customers and employees as well as the surrounding ecosystem.


What types of clients do they cater? This question will let you know if the service provider has experience in providing janitorial service to office like yours. This is especially important if your office has specific needs or requires specialized care.


What services do they provide? It is best that you know exactly what they do and how they do it. Beyond dusting and vacuuming, what other services will the cleaning companies you’re considering provide? Ensure the cleaning company you work with uses the right equipment, tools, and practices to guarantee a complete clean. At Clean Green Solutions, we ensure that our client is aware of the janitorial cleaning tasks we perform meticulously using eco-safe cleaning products.  Also, our cleaners actually take their time to ensure that every cleaning task, room assignment, and special job is done and done well in each and every visit.


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