Various factors affect the cost of office or commercial cleaning. No two cleaning companies are alike. Research is crucial to avoid a poor commercial cleaning experience. Demand, specialty, and scope of work are commonly used among commercial cleaners when pricing. Before hiring a cleaning company, it is crucial to understand how cleaning companies charge and the factors that affect it.

Cleaning Experience & Qualifications

Commercial cleaners who are established are often more expensive than cleaners who are new to the industry. Experienced cleaners are seasoned, qualified, and highly skilled in cleaning businesses of all sizes and scopes. Their capabilities provide a high level of service that allows them to charge premium prices.

Cleaning Frequency

Cleaning frequency refers to the number of days a business requires cleaning per week, month, or year. Companies that need daily cleaning services often pay more than businesses that require cleaning 1-2 times per week. Keep in mind; this is not always the case. Some cleaning companies have a minimum cost to dispatch their staff, which can cost a business more.

Size of Office or Commercial Space

Square footage plays a significant role in cost. Cleaning companies assign cleaning staff based on the number of staff required. The larger the space, the higher the price tag. Large commercial buildings require additional cleaning in comparison to small storefront businesses. They also have fewer areas to clean and do not need as much attention to detail.

Cleaning Requirements

Businesses with frequent cleaning requests and tight deadlines tend to pay more because cleaning companies have many businesses to clean and cannot prioritize one business over another at the drop of a hat. Ample notice is preferred; however, commercial cleaners may take on a last-minute job for a higher fee. When hiring a cleaning company for a one-time job, consider a reasonable timeline to avoid paying high premiums.

Type of Cleaning Services

Specialty commercial cleaning services, such as deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, office sanitization, pressure washing and soft washing, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, require special equipment to carry out cleaning. Eco-friendly cleaning is another commercial cleaning service that can be pricy due to requiring particular cleaning tools and supplies that are expensive.

Cleaning Staff Required

The average Vancouver business requires 1-2 commercial cleaners per clean. Office buildings, schools, medical facilities, law firms, and other large-scale commercial facilities require a team to ensure cleanliness, health, and public safety. Experienced commercial cleaning companies will advise on the number of cleaning staff needed to establish high-quality cleaning. Just because a business has ample square footage doesn’t mean it will require a cleaning team. Companies with high standards and various cleaning requirements may need more cleaning staff, even though they have limited square footage.

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