Public bathrooms are one of the most dreaded spaces to clean in an office; however, they should not be ignored. Frequent use can cause a build-up of bacteria, dirt, and grime, increase illness, and deter customers from visiting your business or using your services. 

A dirty bathroom reflects poorly on a business and its brand image. You can ensure an effective office bathroom deep clean and a healthy public space with consistency and a few simple tips.

Clean All Surfaces

Before hiring a Vancouver office cleaning company for a commercial bathroom deep clean, it is important to clear all surfaces, such as countertops. It is crucial to clean beneath soap dispensers and other countertop items to ensure thorough cleaning and prevent bathroom countertop stains. Use a gentle cleaner to wipe bathroom countertops and remove bacteria, mould, and grime. In addition to countertops, you’ll also need to thoroughly clean your commercial bathroom floors. It is best practice to sweep daily to eliminate any dust and debris and mop with warm, soapy water. Don’t forget about corners! Bathroom partition walls, dispensers, and hand dryers are often overlooked when cleaning but are a big contributor to increased illness due to being high touch points.

Scrub Bathroom Toilets

Public toilets need to be cleaned more frequently due to heavy traffic. A thorough toilet cleaning will prevent the buildup of bacteria and grime, and make cleaning easier the next time. Ensure the best clean possible by cleaning inside the toilet bowl, the rim, and the toilet exterior. Use a toilet brush and cleaner to clean the inside, then flush to clear debris. A multi-purpose toilet cleaner can get the job done if you stay on top of office cleaning.

Don’t Forget About the Sink

Did you know that office bathroom sinks can house more bacteria than office toilets? If you thought you could get away with an inadequate cleaning of your office bathroom sinks, think again. An office bathroom deep clean must include a detailed clean of sinks. Focus on cleaning the faucets and basins and target grime and stains to minimize repairs and replacements. Bathroom mirrors are often missed when cleaning. Clean bathroom mirrors can have a significant impact on first impressions, so keep them clean and clear.

Public showers and other office bathroom amenities should be included in a professional deep clean for a healthy and inviting workplace. Ensure an effective office deep clean by tailoring your commercial cleaning services to your type of business and its space, as no two businesses are the same.

Avoid the effort, time, and stress of deep cleaning your office bathrooms by hiring office cleaning professionals to tackle your office bathroom cleaning. With Clean Green Solutions on your team, you can trust you’ll get a thorough clean at every visit. Their guaranteed office cleaning checklist systems reduce missed tasks. Call 604-644-8540 for a quote today!