End-of-lease office cleaning is typical at the start of the year, so booking cleaning services well in advance is advantageous. Planning and preparation are key to a successful office move. Creating a plan, preparing your office, informing your staff, and setting an office date for cleaning will ensure a smooth move with few hiccups. You can do additional things to prepare for an office deep clean. Below are a couple of recommendations.

Make A To-Do List

Start by listing areas to get cleaned and include any critical information or instructions useful when cleaning. Categorize cleaning tasks by room or location to make it easier and more efficient for your cleaner. Don’t forget baseboards, walls, ceiling fans, vents, windows, cupboards, drawers, and other areas that don’t often get cleaned regularly. 

Clear All Obstacles

Cleaning around staff, furniture, and boxes is unproductive and can make cleaning difficult. Before your office cleaner arrives, you must prepare your office space (i.e., rearranging furniture, boxes, and items you do not want the cleaners to touch). Some cleaning companies may have individual recommendations/requirements before visiting your space, so be sure to ask. Most office cleaners will not move heavy boxes or furniture, as it can be a liability, so  make any arrangements beforehand.

Schedule Repairs Prior to Cleaning

Minor repairs such as patching walls and touching up paint are often needed when moving. Any repairs, even minor ones, can leave a mess. Scheduling repairs prior to cleaning ensures the best clean possible for the new tenant.

Book An Office Deep Clean For Both Office Spaces

Most businesses clean the office they are leaving but forget about cleaning the office they are moving into. Moving into an office that isn’t in move-in condition can cause additional stress and panic. Save yourself the hassle by booking an office deep clean for both office spaces.

Save Cleaning For the End

Scheduling office cleaning services during operation or before the final boxes have been picked up makes cleaning challenging. There are more obstacles to work around, and dirt, dust, and debris may be left behind from moving. Leaving cleaning until fully moved out is more productive and efficient and can save time and money.

End of Lease Office Cleaning Services Made Easy

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