We all want a fresh, clean, safe, and germ-free environment for the company.  We often base our buying habits on how long-lasting and well the products work without realizing their impact on our health.

How do toxins impact our immune system?

Toxins are poisonous substances that can cause disease. The symptoms depend on how long you’ve been exposed, the way it got in the body and the body’s response.

Here are some of the ways toxins impacts our immune system:

Accelerated ageing

Brain damage – neurological and behavioural development problems, such as learning disabilities, hyperactivity, and ADHD

Autoimmune disorders and disease

Asthma, allergies and breathing problems

Infertility and miscarriages

Hormone imbalances

Degeneration of the body’s detoxification defences (such as kidney and liver problems)

Who is at risk?

The impact on the immune system may vary depending on the period of time and amounts used.  Children, pregnant women, and older people are more susceptible, as well as those who already have problems with their health.  However the reality is, unless you’re using a completely natural product, we are ALL at risk.

How do we minimize the risks?

If you have an autoimmune disease, look to remove all chemical cleaners from your home. This will help relieve the pressure off your immune system and ensure you’re not aggravating your symptoms.

If you do want to use chemical cleaners, do so safely. We’ve all heard of accidents happening through incorrect use, so always make sure you use products safely.

There are some steps you can take to help minimize additional risks:

Ensure you regularly open windows and allow a circulation of air – even when you’re not using cleaning products.

Wash your fresh fruit and vegetables to remove any residue of pesticides, or buy organic.

Swap your chemical-based products with natural ones.

It’s also worth looking at our own views on household cleaning, as we seem to have a preconception that we cannot ever truly clean our home entirely, and make it 100% bacteria-free without the use of harsh chemical cleaners. However, evidence now dictates that over-cleaning actually creates an environment that is TOO clean. This leads to an inability to adequately build up our own and your employees’ immune systems.

What cleaning options do we have?

Look to use eco-friendly products. In the marketplace today there are many safe, non-toxic products that are also effective.

Substitute your cleaning products with the use of simple safe ingredients – such as soap, water, salt, vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda, white vinegar, and vegetable oil. You can also create your own cleaning formula by combining these products. It costs less both in terms of money and your health.

Have your cleaning done by eco-friendly cleaning professionals. If you want to promote health and well-being in your office, it’s time to think green!

At Clean Green Solutions, we use green cleaning products that cause zero to little waste and pollution, minimize ozone depletion, and help prevent global warming.

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