Marble is a great high-end office flooring option. It has a luxurious look, is easy to maintain, and is very durable. Because marble is a natural stone, it easily absorbs liquid. Avoid staining and dullness by maintaining your marble floors on a routine basis. Sealing and polishing are an important part of marble floor care. Polishing removes dirt, stains, and scuffs from commercial floors. Sealing revives floors by applying a protective coat that creates a barrier between the marble and any external elements, such as moisture. When it comes to marble floors, a special method of polishing called honing is necessary to restore marble floors.

What is Honing

Honing is a polishing method used on natural stone. It involves rubbing diamond abrasive pads on the marble surface to remove any etch marks or scratches. Marble honing also brings back the marble floor’s original shine. Honing should be performed by commercial floor care professionals, as there are potential safety hazards. Personal protective equipment and training are required when working with natural stone.

Honing After Care

Regular commercial floor maintenance is essential for any type of floor, but it is especially critical for honed marble floors. Floor honing wears down the marble and makes it more porous. Sealing marble after the honing process provides an additional layer of protection from moisture/liquid absorption. Avoid using acidic chemicals on honed floors, as they can cause irreversible damage.

Floor Materials That Benefit From Honing

Most natural stone floors can be honed; However, it is best suited for marble, concrete, granite, limestone, soapstone, onyx, terrazzo, and travertine commercial floors. Honing is ideal in high-traffic Vancouver offices and commercial spaces, as the process enhances grip, reduces visible wear and tear, and maximizes lifespan.

How Often to Hone Marble Floors

Honing frequency varies from one commercial floor to another. Foot traffic, the type of stone, and the finish will affect how often commercial floors need to be honed. A rough floor surface is a visible sign your marble floors require honing.

Experienced Commercial Floor Care Experts

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