When picturing the places where pests thrive, you may be imagining messy surroundings, covered in filth; but the truth is that it doesn’t take an excessive mess to encourage pests in a workplace. With summer approaching, you may see common intruders such as ants, flies, mosquitos, cockroaches and rodents entering your commercial space seeking relief from the heat. The best thing you can do to prevent this is to avoid leaving food, garbage, and clutter around the office. 

Keeping an eye out for rodents and pests, maintaining a clean working environment, and addressing problem areas help minimize office infestations and create a healthy office.

Check Your Floors

Dirty floors and carpets are common culprits for attracting pests in an office. Customers and employees may unwittingly track pests into your business from outdoors in the summertime. Keeping commercial floors and office carpets clean, especially in high-traffic areas, will help prevent pests from nesting in your commercial space. One of the most important preventative measures you can take is to clean any spills up immediately; pests love to call a sticky spill home.

Common Areas Attract Mess

Spills and mess don’t just occur on your office floors, they are often in other areas of your business, especially in common areas such as office bathrooms and kitchens. It is of the utmost importance to keep all these areas, especially lunch rooms, clean. Nothing attracts pests quite so much as leftover food. Keep an eye on crumbs, throw out old food, and store any food not being consumed in sealed containers. Pests also love to gather in plumbing and drains, so don’t neglect cleaning sinks and other plumbing in office kitchens and bathrooms.

Don’t Forget the Bins

Disposing of food waste and garbage in trash bins is not enough to fend off rodents and pests during the summertime. Cleaning trash, recycling, and compost bins regularly can also assist in minimizing rodents and pests. Neglected garbage cans or messy compost bins make an office space more inviting. Empty waste bins on a regular schedule, even if they are not full, to prevent food waste and other messes from festering and attracting pests. 

Remove the stress of maintaining your Vancouver or Richmond office this summer by booking recurring office cleaning services. Professional office cleaners have extensive training and experience cleaning offices and know the common areas where pests thrive.

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