Working in a dirty environment can cause allergy flare-ups for allergy sufferers. Maintaining a high standard of cleaning during allergy season can assist in minimizing troublesome allergens that may be affecting employee productivity and morale. Commercial cleaning services enhance workplace health with consistent maintenance and upkeep. Keep workplace allergies at bay by paying extra attention to these common office allergens.

Dust Mites

There are many places for dust to hide in busy office spaces. Although it cannot easily be seen, many microscopic dust mites thrive in corners, keyboards, baseboards, high surfaces, electrical cords, and office furniture. Routine dusting and vacuuming can significantly reduce dust from building up and causing chronic allergy symptoms.

Office Pets

Office pets are great to have at the office. They keep employees happy, enhance work culture, and reduce stress. Depending on the species, office pets may trigger allergy symptoms. It is beneficial to create a no-pet zone and keep pets away from common areas where food is present, such as office kitchens. Pet-free zones will allow those who aren’t fond of pets to have a space of their own, without affecting productivity. Vacuum often to minimize the amount of pet dander around the office. 


Pollen is brought indoors on clothes, shoes, and open windows and doors. It forms on windows and sills and can contribute to increased workplace allergies. A HEPA filter vacuum eliminates pollen from commercial floors, office upholstery, and indoor air. Cleaning the vacuum filter once a week will improve the vacuum’s efficiency and allow for a better clean.


Fragrances come in a variety of forms. Plants and flowers, perfume, cleaning products, essential oils, and air fresheners are a few common office scents that can affect staff with fragrance sensitivities. It is best practice to reduce fragrance use and select plants/flowers that are scent-free. A regularly maintained HVAC system can help improve indoor air circulation. Keep vents clear of dust for better airflow.

Mould & Mildew

Exposure to mould and mildew in the workplace can cause mild to severe long-term health problems. A lot of the mould and mildew in Vancouver offices is often within the building’s structure, which cannot be avoided. Some preventative measures can be taken to eliminate mould and mildew. Wiping up water from wet shoes, coats, or umbrellas immediately, using mats in entrances, cleaning office carpets and upholstery, and checking for pipe leaks are just a few suggestions. It is also beneficial to ensure that HVAC systems are regularly maintained to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Chemical-Based Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are often overlooked when it comes to chronic allergies in the workplace. Chemical cleaning products contain toxic irritants that are a major cause of allergies. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products to minimize allergy symptoms and reduce workplace safety hazards.

Combat Allergy Season With Clean Green Solutions

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