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  • Floor Cleaning Tips – You must know

    Since not all floors are made equal, it is essential to know how to clean your specific floor-type. Each type of floor has its own unique traits and cleaning requirements for maintenance.  Here are the easiest and safest ways to keep your floors looking spotless and new.

    Natural Stone Floors

    Clean your Natural Stone Floors with Neutral pH All-Purpose Cleaner or Neutral pH Dish Soap. Rotating Microfiber mop handle with Microfiber Towels or Wet mop is the best way to clean them. You can also use Vacuum with rotation brush.  Do not use products that contain lemon juice, vinegar or other acids on marble, limestone, travertine as these will ruin its appearance. Also, you must avoid using ammonia-based cleaners as it will dull the surface.

    Vinyl Floors

    Weekly cleaning is suggested using a mixture of ¼ cup vinegar in a 16- ounce spray bottle…

  • Best cleaning effects of floor waxing

    Cleaning services often suggest the inclusion of regular floor waxing for homes and huge businesses. They believe that this hygienic practice should be considered in everyone’s regular cleaning regime. Clean Green Solutions takes pride that they offer floor waxing service to different clients. The company believes that waxing can provide great benefits for home health and protection.

    Research suggests that floor waxing helps preserve floors for a longer period of time because it has the ability to protect the surface from scratches, marks, nicks and spill stains. Aside from floor preservation, the process also adds more beauty to the entire surrounding by maintaining the best quality shine for floors. It can brighten the entire unit and present a squeaky-clean appearance. Clean Green Solutions do not only offer floor…

  • Ways to best clean house surfaces by floor waxing

    Homeowners are often problematic about cleaning different surfaces in their dwelling. Most of the time, they are keen to look at different ways to clean their floor tiles and wooden surfaces. Clean Green Solutions offers a service for floor wax cleaning. The company takes pride in following the best practices for maintaining a shiny and sparkling floor quality.

    Clean Green Solutions ensures that their floor waxing service will truly bring yellow-looking dirty floors back to their original condition. This service aims to add more shine to surfaces and even remove old stains and dirt underneath them. This company’s janitorial serve is created to ease the burden of busy homeowners who find little or no time to do floor waxing duties.

    Staff under the company’s floor waxing service make sure that they remove all furniture or items…