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  • How Clean Is Your Office Carpet?

    Did you know that your office carpet is 40,000 times dirtier than your office toilet? You will never notice how dirty your office carpet is until someone spills a cup of coffee on it. So, let’s take a look at the things that you do not want to know that your carpet has.

    Food.  When you walk across the office eating a sandwich or snacks its crumbs hit the floor. The same food that fuels your day at work feeds bugs and bacteria in the carpet. The thing is, you are not the only one doing it. Everyone who stops off for a snack at the break room tracks food right back out into carpeted areas. Food crumbs and drink spills quickly penetrate at your carpet fibbers’ and padding where the organic material breaks down. As it decays, it stains the carpet and produces unpleasant odours.

    Beatles and Dust mites. You may not be aware or notice them in glance as they…

  • Why Go Green When We Clean?

    We often thought that conventional cleaning is way better than green cleaning for so many reasons. Here are some points to ponder to start switching today. You’ll be surprise to know that you are not only protecting your own health but also your family’s and that of the planet.


    Health: You will feel better using green cleaning products as it won’t harm you, your family and your pets compared to conventional cleaning products. Do you know that as simple as sneezing, coughing, skin, rashes, and sudden headaches are the effect of using toxic cleaning products?


    Air Quality: Using conventional cleaning products attracts more pollution indoors than outdoors. Most of the products that we’ve been using can cause health problems like liver damage, kidney and central nervous system. Using green products in cleaning will…
  • Cleaning fact on health threat reduction

    Employees usually use common facilities in the office, including same doors, sinks, and other office equipment. Therefore, it allows germs to travel from one person to the other. Clean Green Vancouver makes sure that the frequently touched surfaces and shared office materials are thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacteria posing a health hazard to staff. Cleaning workplaces can reduce the sick rate of employee and will absolutely affect the company’s goal to completion and quality service.…

  • Health and Hygiene Cleaning Fact

    You might well be surprised by the most common areas around the office that regularly pick up the most germs. While we all avoid touching things which we assume will be very dirty, we often take for granted that door handles, light switches, and communal telephones all host almost as much bacteria as a toilet. You should always pay special attention to these areas, and anti-bacterial light switches and door handles are also now available. How about that?…