Regular maintenance of commercial cleaning equipment provides a long lifespan and improves their efficiency. Eco-friendly cleaning tools are reusable and a low-maintenance option. Most sustainable cleaning tools can be washed by hand or by washing machine and are better for the environment. Single-use cleaning supplies are costly and should not be used multiple times. Use these equipment cleaning tips for the best clean. 

Clean Vacuum HEPA Filters Regularly

HEPA filters are easy to maintain. To clean them, simply remove the filter from the vacuum, remove dust, dirt, and debris, and thoroughly rinse with warm, soapy water. Ensure the filter is completely dry before placing it back into the vacuum and using it. Replace vacuum HEPA filters every 6-12 months for best results.

Dispose of Single-Use Cleaning Tools

When single-use cleaning tools are necessary, you must discard them after use. Using dirty cleaning equipment is ineffective and spreads bacteria and germs from one surface to another. It is best practice to use one single-use tool per surface to avoid cross-contamination.

Clean Mop Heads After Use

Mops harbour bacteria when not properly maintained. It is crucial to change out the water frequently when cleaning and opt for microfibre mop heads for easier aftercare. There are various disinfection methods; however, we recommend soaking your mop head in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. 

Put Microfibre Cloths in the Laundry

Microfibre cloths are great multi-surface cleaners that are non-abrasive. They are one of the easiest cleaning tools to clean. Simply place microfibre cloths in the washing machine before reusing them. Although it is more sustainable to wash in cold water, we highly recommend washing microfibre cloths in hot water to eliminate bacteria.

Rinse & Disinfect Sponges

Natural fibre sponges are a sustainable cleaning solution. They can easily be cleaned by rinsing in warm, soapy water. Sponges hold bacteria in their fibres, so it is important to disinfect regularly. Boil your eco-friendly sponges in a pot or microwave them in a bowl of water to effectively kill bacteria and germs.

Wash Microfibre Duster Heads

Microfibre duster heads are a more sustainable option. They are easy to maintain and provide a better clean. Clean microfibre duster heads just like you would microfibre cloths. 

How Often Should You Replace Commercial Cleaning Equipment?

Most commercial cleaning equipment have a long lifespan, as they are designed to withstand heavy use. Filters, pads, cloths, sponges, bristles and brushes need to be replaced occasionally for cleaning equipment to work effectively. Regular maintenance and limiting chemical use can also extend the equipment’s lifespan. 

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