The office is the main headquarters of your business, where your employees spend at least 8 hours of their day and where all of the hard work and innovation happens. It is also the environment in which you meet with business associates and clients, whom you want to make a good impression. If this space is messy and floors are dirty it will have numerous negative effects on the success of your business. If you are wondering why you need to clean your floors, then have a quick look at our list below.

Client Impressions


A clean and tidy work environment looks appealing and more importantly welcoming to any potential clients. Dirty floors tell your potential clients that you lack the necessary professionalism to take care of your employees, let alone a new client.

 Avoid Accidents


Maintaining clean, dry floors is essential for the prevention of slips and falls in the workplace. Most slip accidents happen when floors are contaminated. When accidents happen, productivity is affected due to absenteeism. That is why it is important that we keep our floors clean. A wet cleaning process can make a floor slippery during and immediately after cleaning. Effective cleaning should remove contamination and reduce the risk of slips. Incorrect cleaning can lead to a build-up of contamination, making the floor more slippery.

Your Floor Is an Investment


You made a lot of investments on your floor when you initially set up your workplace that is why floors should be treated with care. Refinishing it, instead of replacing it, is significantly cost-efficient. This is seriously worth considering as it costs far less to refinish, and the result is the same – a floor with a “brand new” look to it.

The Right Cleaner for Your Floors


For linoleum, use Eco-friendly cleaners, which can remove any past yellowing from other cleaning products.

For ceramic tile, liquid floor-cleaning products can remove grime, but you may need to rinse or even hand-dry the floor to prevent the cleanser from leaving residue behind.

On the stone, skip anything with acid — including vinegar and citrus — which can mar and etch the surface, in favor of mild dish soap and water.

A combination of mild dish soap and water is best for wood floors too — just make sure the cloth is well-wrung first.


Clean floors add value and improve the quality of life inside your office. Give us a call to discuss your floor cleaning needs at 604-644-8540.


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