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The Holiday Season is Upon Us

The holiday season is upon us, Vancouver! Everyone’s excited about office parties and wrapping up another year of hard work. You’ve earned the break but when your office empties out, that’s when we go to work! Let Clean Green Solutions clean up after those holiday parties and get your workspace looking sharp and ready to go for the New Year. Get in touch with Clean Green today for any and all office cleaning services in Vancouver. Happy holidays to everyone!…

COVID-19 Protocols for Our Cleaning Technicians

At Clean Green Solutions we have strict COVID-19 protocols in place for our cleaning technicians. All of our staff wear masks and gloves on site and closely follow all guidelines regarding handwashing and the use of sanitizer. They’ll always practice social distancing and when possible work in unoccupied rooms. We also clean and sanitize our equipment regularly with the highest quality disinfection solutions to maximize safety for your customers and staff. To find out more about how we’re dealing with COVID-19 or for any office cleaning services in Vancouver, get in touch with Clean Green Solutions!

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Office & Commercial Cleaning in Vancouver

For any office or commercial space in Vancouver that takes safety seriously, Clean Green Solutions is here to help. We offer comprehensive janitorial and cleaning services related to COVID-19 and have extensive experience helping businesses across Vancouver keeping the doors open. We have specialized teams and the latest in hospital-grade disinfection equipment and cleaning solutions. Get the best Vancouver has to offer for office cleaning and disinfection services- call Clean Green Solutions today!…


Our Disinfectant Fogging Services!

Call us today and find out more about our disinfectant fogging services! Our technicians are trained in the use of various types of specialized equipment that will take your office cleaning to a new level. We’ll use the latest in safe, effective hydrostatic fogging technology to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your office safe from the effects of COVID-19. To learn more or for any office cleaning services in Vancouver, get in touch with Clean Green Solutions!…


Pay Special Attention to “High Touch” Surfaces.

If you’re focusing on disinfection in your office or home, make sure to pay special attention to “high touch” surfaces. Bacteria can concentrate in hot spots such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, and faucets. Making sure these areas are clean will help reduce the overall spread of bacteria throughout an office. If you want your workspace to get the professional touch, call today and ask about our COVID-19 specific services. For any office cleaning services in Vancouver, get in touch with Clean Green Solutions today!

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Clean Green Solutions: Window Cleaning

If you’ve been thinking your office windows need professional cleaning, they’re probably already way overdue! At Clean Green Solutions we have a specific process that will have your windows sparkling like you never thought they could.

Our professional window technicians will use specialized products and equipment to get your office windows looking like the day you moved in (or better!) Get in touch for a free quote on window cleaning or any other office cleaning services in Vancouver. Call today!

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Remembrance Day in Vancouver

On this day in Vancouver and around the world, we take time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our way of life. From everyone at Clean Green Solutions, a huge thank you to all service members past and present for your incredible contributions.

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Why Choose Clean Green Solutions for Office Cleaning in Vancouver?

Why choose Clean Green Solutions for office cleaning services in Vancouver?

Here’s our Top Ten:

– 100% family-owned and operated locally – Eco friendly – Highly skilled cleaners with full background checks – Fast response times to your questions or requests – Full-service operation- we do everything from carpets to windows to deep cleans – Industry best reviews and reputation – We use only the most advanced and highest quality of equipment – Experience in everything from boutique offices to massive commercial spaces – Loyalty and trust- we form long term relationships with our clients – Extensive experience in disinfection with COVID-19 protocols

For any office cleaning needs in Vancouver, the choice is clear – Clean Green Solutions! Call today.…

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Keeping Your Office Clean

Keeping your office clean is serious business these days. Trying to cut corners when it comes to cleaning can backfire in a big way if your business gets hit with an outbreak and has to shut down.

At Clean Green Solutions, we’ve always taken office cleaning seriously. Right from the start of this difficult time, our clients have benefited from having a skilled, dedicated, and trustworthy cleaning service on their side. Get Clean Green on your team and discover the peace of mind our clients have always enjoyed. For any office cleaning needs in Vancouver, call Clean Green Solutions today!

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A Clean Office is a Happy Office!

A clean office is a happy office! Now more than ever, how clean employees perceive a workspace to be can have a significant impact on happiness and productivity. Things like dirty carpets or bathrooms can really have a negative effect on how confident people are coming in to work and staying safe. Get Clean Green on your team and we’ll come up with a plan to keep your office looking fantastic and your staff happy and safe. For all your office cleaning needs in Vancouver, call Clean Green Solutions today!

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