There is a common misconception among many Vancouver businesses that having fewer staff at the office should require less cleaning. Reducing cleaning frequency during the summertime increases the chances of dust, rodents and pests, allergies, and unpleasant odours. Building cleaning requirements change with the seasons. It is critical to maintain a consistent cleaning standard throughout the year to prevent cleaning from falling through the cracks. Janitorial services ensure cleaning consistency and minimize illness and safety hazards in high-traffic public spaces.

Keeps Rodents & Pests Away

Cracking windows and doors to create better airflow and reduce heat is a great way to lower energy costs and improve employee focus. It also makes access easier for unwanted critters. Offices on the ground floor are susceptible to rodents and pests and should be extra cautious. Infestations can cause damage to electronic wires, increase disease, and create an unhealthy working environment. Janitorial services can help prevent critters from inhabiting your office by removing crumbs, reducing dust build-up in nooks and crannies, and keeping the office kitchen neat.

Reduces Summertime Allergies

Allergies are unavoidable during the spring and summer, as flowers and trees are in full bloom. Dust, debris, pollen, and pet dander are easily brought indoors through open windows, doors, and shoes. Routine dusting is essential for minimizing allergies and asthma symptoms during the summer. Stop dust from re-circulating by cleaning ceiling fans and use portable fans when necessary. Janitorial services keep dust mites away by vacuuming and dusting regularly.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

HVAC systems need regular maintenance, especially during the summertime. A clean HVAC system is more efficient, prevents pests and rodents from nesting in vents, and reduces dust from being blown around. Although most office cleaning companies do not specialize in HVAC vent cleaning, they will clean floor vents that are easily accessible.

Prevents Stale Odours

Warm office spaces are susceptible to lingering odours due to office kitchen garbage, recycling, and compost. Warm indoor temperatures cause food and beverages to transform into gas, creating more odours. Allowing staff to eat at their desk or leave their dishes in the office kitchen sink can create a vicious cycle. Janitorial services remove stale odours in an office by removing garbage, recycling, and compost daily, deep cleaning the fridge, throwing out forgotten food, and deodorizing kitchen sinks and fridges.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Nice weather creates more exterior traffic. Exterior building maintenance is crucial for creating a positive first impression. Janitorial services boost an office building’s curb appeal by ensuring a clean, inviting building entrance.

Make Cleaning A Priority At The Office This Summer

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