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  • Cleaning fact on health threat reduction

    Employees usually use common facilities in the office, including same doors, sinks, and other office equipment. Therefore, it allows germs to travel from one person to the other. Clean Green Vancouver makes sure that the frequently touched surfaces and shared office materials are thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacteria posing a health hazard to staff. Cleaning workplaces can reduce the sick rate of employee and will absolutely affect the company’s goal to completion and quality service.…

  • How Vancouver office cleaning affects business productivity

    Office cleaning may not be an important aspect of running a business but it sure holds very significant benefits to the sales translation, marketing, and advertising of the company’s image, products, and services.

    The cleanliness of offices and workplace can directly affect the productivity of employees because a clean work environment will ensure that employees, visitors, and clients will be safe in the area and away from possible accumulation of bacterial infection. Most viruses caught by employees are received from untidy parts of the office, such as dusty surfaces, and poorly sanitized doorknobs and light switch panels. By simply cleaning mostly commonly used and touched materials and surfaces, employees may reduce the risk of getting germs and bacteria and will have no threats to human health.

    Cleanliness will have…

  • The importance of office cleaning in Vancouver

    An office should be a respected business place and it is possible to depict that by keeping a clean and healthy environment for all the people within the business, as well as visitors and potential clients. Office cleaning services are very important and it is often underestimated. However, most research reveals that a clean and tidy workplace is directly proportional to the success of the business. A clean workplace also helps employees to be more focused, therefore their productivity will eventually translate to better sales in the long run.

    Office cleaning should be a priority for businesses. It helps businesses create a better impression to potential clients because most customers, clients, prospective employees, and suppliers draw their impression on the company based on its physical appearance. A clean workplace…