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  • Fun Cleaning Fact

    Though there are small regional differences, on the whole, women still rack up far more time cleaning than men. The average man will spend around 6000 hours cleaning throughout a lifetime, while the average woman spends more than 12000 hours doing the same. Come on gents, don’t let the side down! …

  • Vancouver Office Cleaning for all Businesses


    In this week’s post, we’ll be taking a close look at the Clean Green Vancouver office cleaning service, and why we’re the best in the business. But first of all, why is office cleaning so important for your business?

    There are numerous different reasons that cleaning is important. One consideration that might often be overlooked is the link between proper cleaning and health and hygiene. We all know how quickly one illness can sweep through a workforce when staff are working in a close proximity.

    The most effective way to prevent against the spread of bugs and colds around the office is to ensure that all tables, surfaces, and even door handles, telephone handsets, railings, and any other frequently touched surface is regularly and thoroughly cleaned. Our staff are trained to leave no stone unturned to leave your environment…

  • Clean Green Solutions is Hiring

    We’re Hiring…

    Clean Green Solutions is hiring again! If you’re an experienced and committed cleaner based in the Vancouver area, then we’re looking for you.

    As with all of our dedicated staff members, you will be honest, hard-working, and committed to the position. Working as part of a team, it is essential that you have a great personality and can work effectively with others.

    Our clients expect the very best from our service, and we are extremely proud of the reputation we have built with our customers. As such, we are looking for an individual who takes pride in presentation, and crucially, is always able to be punctual.

    If you’re based in Vancouver, and these qualities sound like they describe you well, then please send us your resume at employment@cleangreenvancouver.ca. We look forward to hearing from candidates…

  • Make your life simpler with Vancouver Office Cleaning


    Here we’ll be examining our leading Vancouver office cleaning services and how we go further to ensure that all of our clients receive guaranteed satisfaction. We’ll be considering the advantages available when working with private commercial cleaning companies, why a clean work place is so important, and why our service is the very best in the market.

    With so many years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have gained an insight into what makes our clients tick, and design our cleaning packages to work around your needs. Among other things that we consider, all of our cleaning crews receive full training both for advanced cleaning techniques, but also in customer service.

    For each job we service we follow our six step rule to delivering the very best results.

    All our staff are fully vetted and receive thorough background…