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  • Cleaning Fact for Interiors


    Did you know that we spend on average 87% of all our time indoors? In that time we dirt the floors with our shoes, leave hand marks on fixtures and fittings, and make all kinds of other subtle (and not so subtle) messes. Taking this into consideration, it’s easy to see why interior cleaning is so important, whether at home or in the office.


    For all your cleaning needs please visit www.cleangreenavncouver.ca…

  • Attention to detail in Vancouver office cleaning


    Clean Green Solutions are pleased to offer an industry leading service for all your Vancouver office cleaning. Our trained and experienced teams will leave your workplace noticeably cleaner, and we try to add value wherever we can, across all areas of business. But first of all, why is it so important to maintain a clean environment in your office space?

    Depending on what perspective you take (yours, your employees, as well as external stakeholders) there are different reasons that cleanliness might be seen as a priority. From your point of view a tidy place of work should prevent disruption for your staff, allowing them to work quickly and effectively.

    From the point of view of your employees, it will make them feel valued to arrive at an immaculately kept workspace, and will also raise their standards in general. Plus, …

  • Clean Green Vancouver Office Cleaning


    Here we’ll be discussing our Vancouver office cleaning services, and why they’re the best in the industry. Clean Green have years of experience and we’ve developed meticulous cleaning methods to ensure that your workplace is pristine every time. Here are six ways that we set ourselves apart from the competition to deliver the very best level of service to all our clients.

    All of our cleaning staff have background checks, are fully bonded, insured, and have signed a confidentiality agreement to absolutely protect your privacy. Our cleaning staff are fully trained, and undergo continued development in order to use the most up to date tools, equipment, and cleaning methods. We only use the most environmentally friendly cleaning products, providing fantastic results, with a more friendly odour. Our cleaners will…