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  • Get Added Value with Vancouver Office Cleaning

    At Clean Green we offer commercial Vancouver office cleaning services with a difference. Our clients include any office space which requires cleaning, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever you require. For more info on all of our cleaning services, please read on.

    In this post we will be looking at what it is that sets Clean Green apart from the rest of our competition, while providing some other key basic info about our service.

    Our leading service has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we’ve developed practices that let us offer the very best service to our clients. All our staff are trained to offer customer service, meaning that the same impeccable customer service will be available from any member of our teams, including the cleaners.

    Additionally, all of our cleaners are trained, and receive…

  • Cleaning Fact for Surfaces


    In order for antibacterial cleaning agents to be effective it is essential that you leave the solution on the surface for around 30-60 seconds before wiping away, depending on how messy it is. By understanding small details like this you’ll ensure that your time spent cleaning is never wasted. All our Clean Green staff are full of nifty tips like this to deliver you the very best results.

    For all your cleaning needs please visit www.cleangreenavncouver.ca…

  • Experienced Commercial Vancouver Cleaning Services

    Welcome to the Clean Green blog where to discuss all of our Vancouver cleaning services, as well as telling you guys a little bit about our business. We’re experienced with servicing many different types of offices, and our history has taught us a great deal about how to provide a service that you can rely on.

    Before we discuss what to look for when searching for a commercial cleaning company, first of all, let’s address why it’s so important to maintain a clean and hygienic workplace, and how you can find a company that you can trust. There are many reasons to upkeep high standards at your place of work, and many of these concern your employees.

    So what difference does cleanliness make to your staff? First and foremost, your staff deserve a clean and healthy place to work, as I’m sure you’ll agree, but there are also …